Increasing life expectancy, lower mortality and an overall enhancement of the standard of living coupled with better medical facilities has contributed to people living longer than ever before. The population of seniors across the world is projected to become 1.3 billion by 2040. China and India are projected to have almost 50% of the 1.3 billion senior population.

Sri Sankara TV’s – Sankara Foundation has been started with a view to address the wellness needs of the seniors, which include providing better and preventive health care, engagement, companionship and assisted community living in a salubrious environment.

Healthcare is one of the primary and most important needs for seniors today. Seniors are more prone to ailments compared to their younger compatriots. Ageing is usually accompanied by various mental and physical ailments. Thus, healthcare assumes the most important parameter while looking for housing solutions for seniors. Sri Sankara TV’s -Sankara foundation offers housing solutions for seniors upholding their sense of respect and self esteem.

We care and nurture the following aspects

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted community living
  • Nursing care
  • We have the following facilities
  • 24x7 security
  • Medical aid on call
  • Yoga cum meditation room
  • Dining room
  • Entertainment Lounge
  • Engagement activities
  • Guest accomodation
  • Assisted Living


Safe living environment that facilitates independent living.


Help the most vulnerable seniors who lack the financial means to move and require dependency, just at the age when it is most needed.

Helpline and Counselling

Our professional volunteers counsel the senior citizens who are under trauma or under mental distress. We help the senior citizens deal with their loneliness and insecurities and find companionship services if they need them. We provide emotional support for senior citizens handling bereavement and loss related distress

Handling Behavioural problems

Our professionals provide care and advice for behavioural problems and other problems related to Dementia.

Identity Card

Sankara Foundation will issue a senior citizen card to the members.


You can send your contributions to ___________, we will ensure the optimum utilization of your funds and contributions made in kind.

Help in Kind

Many households in India are too poor to save for their old age. The poverty in rural and urban areas for older persons is increasing and needs attention. To combat this crisis, we also invite generous donors to provide support in kind in the form of ration. Such provisions will be given to economically weak seniors. Such beneficiaries will be selected by our social worker after a thorough analysis and background check.

Corporate sponsorship programme

We also invite corporates to sponsor the various initiatives of our foundation. All the funds, donations in kind are mentioned in our utilization reports. We update the corporates periodically on the spending for the different overheads.

Sponsorship for cause related programmes

For the well being of senior citizens, we regularly organize health awareness programmes, distributing spectacles, dentures and treating other age related illnesses. Corporates are welcome to sponsor such cause related programmes. Corporates get huge visibility by sponsoring such events and show their corporate social responsibility towards the society and the senior citizens.